Podcast Update: April 2018

We realise it’s been a while since we last launched an episode, so thought it was important we put out an update to let everyone know what is going on with the podcast. To learn more you can listen to the ‘bonus’ episode below for more information.

However, if words are more your thing (not sure why you are listening to a podcast and not reading a book!) – read on below for the key points on what is going on!

Ghost Stories is run by a small team of two. Firstly there is me (Tyler) the head producer and my wife, Lucy, who runs most our social media. There are two main reasons we haven’t put anything out recently:

  1. We’ve being getting some pretty big house renovations done, including trying to put together the new studio/office – making recording/editing/scripting a little more difficult than usual
  2. I’ve recently been offered a local community radio show based on my work with the podcast

The offering of a radio show is a great honour and one I couldn’t turn down – it’s one of their flagship daytime shows and will be once a week, three hours long and each one have a theme, guests and so on. If anyone is interested to tune in please check out NLive on TuneIn radio, check out their website or if you happen to be in Northampton (UK) tune into 106.9fm, Fridays between 10am to 1pm from June 1st.

No need to worry, this doesn’t mean the podcast will be stopping. It simply means we are going to slow it down a bit and try to build up a bank of content over the coming months to alleviate the pressure of working on highly produced podcast and radio show alongside the day to day job – although the dream would be to take Ghost Stories full time, but that is a story for another day!

My hope is to start the podcast up again late June or early July – although please don’t worry if we miss this by a week or two. i am also looking into expanding the website, including a forum to share stories, building merchandise and re-launching our Patreon in this time – and I have a designer friend who wants to help us with some rebranding!

For updates, follow our Facebook page or keep an eye on the podcast, and of course continue to subscribe, listen, share and review.

We will be back soon.

Cheers, Tyler

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