Documentary: Do You Believe In Ghosts (Season Finale / Season 1)

‘Do you believe in Ghosts’ is a documentary made with paranormal expert Richard Hardy, from Fright Nights Northants, and paranormal podcaster Jim Harold, to get their views and opinions on the paranormal.

Throughout be sure to weigh up the evidence, form an opinion and don’t stop asking – do you believe in ghosts?

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*If having trouble loading the player or to listen on mobile please visit our host AudioBoom directly using the following link – ( or subscribe through iTunes by clicking here.

Use the form below to vote for if you are a believer or a sceptic.

Music (in order of appearance):

“Black Or White Oar”- Pipe Choir


“Waking Stars”- Kai Engel


“I Knew a Guy” – Kevin MacLeod


“Ghost Dance” – Kevin MacLeod


“Mist and Clouds”- Kai Engel


“Chant Of Night Blades” – Kai Engel


“Meditation Impromptu 02” – Kevin MacLeod


“Fading Rays’ Waltz” – Kai Engel


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